• Menu Position – Move the primary menu to the top or the secondary menu to the bottom of the header.
  • Smart Menus – SmartMenus provide enhanced menu support, including auto-visibility, and transition effects.
  • Mobile/Desktop Menu Switch Point – Change width of switching from desktop to mobile menu display.
  • Header Widget Area Position – Change where Header Widget Area is displayed within the Header Area. You can move it to one of seven positions in the Header including top and bottom of the header area, before or after the header image, and more.
  • Post Navigation – Selectively hide post navigation links in various locations.
  • More Sidebar Layout Options – Set sidebar layouts for Attachment, Date Archives, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Author Archive, and Search Results pages in addition to the standard locations.
  • Custom Widget Widths – You can optionally specify widget widths, including for specific devices. Overrides the Columns of Widgets setting.  Custom widget width can be set of any of the widget area types.
  • Equal Height Widget Rows – Make widgets equal height rows if > 1 column.
  • Full Width BG Color – Extend the width of areas with a specified BG color. Allows a different color for the extended width of many areas.



  • Additional Global Typography Options – Site Base Line Height for desktop, tablets, and phones. Specify two new custom font sizes. Specify character and word spacing.
  • Easily Add New Google Fonts – Add any additional Google Fonts you to the list of available font families.
  • Easily Add other Fonts – You can also add free and premium fonts from other sources to the available font family list.


Images and Media

  • Maximum Header Image Width – Maximum width of Header Image. Can be useful to change Header Image alignment.
  • Use Actual Image Size – Use actual header image size instead of filling space.
  • Align Header Image – How to align header image – useful when Max Width or Actual Size set.
  • Header Image RenderingHow to render header image: as image in header or as header area background image.  Using the header image as aBG image can lead to really beautiful headers. Using the Header as a Parallax image is one option.
  • Also show BG Header Image – If you have Image HTML Replacement defined – including Per Page/Post – and also have have set the standard Header Image to display as a BG image, then you can show both the BG image and the replacement HTML in the header.
  • Featured Image WidthWidth of Featured Image for Pages, Posts, or Single Page view. Max Width in %, overrides FI Size selection.
  • Background Images – Set BG Images for different areas: Full Page, Wrapper, Container, Content, Page, Posts, Sidebars. Add Custom CSS if needed. Set the tile options, including page covering for the full page.



  • Visibility of Menu Left/Right HTML areas – control the visibility of the Xtreme Plus Left/Right HTML areas for the primary, secondary, or extra menus.
  • Visibility of Post Format Icons



  • Dividers between menu items – add dividers between menu items of a specified color.
  • Menu HTML Area Text Color – specify text color for Menu HTML areas.
  • Flow Color to Bottom – Flow the BG colors of the Content and Sidebars to the bottom of the Container (that is, equal heights).


Spacing, Widths, and Alignment

  • Smart Widget Width – Change the default 1% width used for smart column margins for Sidebars and Content Area.
  • Area  Maximum Widths – This option allows you to set a maximum width for main areaas. This option can allow interesting designs, especially if you center align the area. 


Added Content Areas

  • Actions and Filters – This advanced option allows you to add arbitrary PHP code to the theme. This option is intended to allow you to add WordPress Actions and Filters that can affect the Visitor View of your site. This option can in many cases avoid the need for a child theme.
  • Menu Left/Right HTML – Add arbitrary HTML to the left and right ends of the the primary, secondary, or extra menu.
  • Custom Post Info Lines – Create totally custom top and bottom meta info lines. You can control display and format of date, author, category, and other information included on the post meta information lines.
  • Additional HTML Injection Areas – Weaver Xtreme Plus adds several additional injections areas:  Preheader, Header Top, Post Header, Container Top, Pre-Content, Content Top, Page Content Bottom, Post-Post Content, Pre-Comments, Post-Comments, Pre-Footer, Primary Sidebar Top, Fixed Browser Top, Fixed Browser Bottom


Custom CSS

  • Add CSS Class – add a CSS class to many items and areas
  • Auto Text Area Expand – the Custom CSS areas expand to full text area and eliminate scrolling limitations.


Per Page Options

  • Per Page Style – Add Custom CSS that will apply only to this page.
  • Per Page Added Classes – add specific classes to specific areas on the page: wrapper, header, container, etc.
  • Alternate Menus – specify an alternate Custom Menu (primary, secondary, or header mini) to use for this page.
  • Header Image Replacement HTML – Replace the Header Image <img> HTML with arbitrary HTML (including shortcodes) for this page. Allows easy insertion of custom sliders, for example, on a per page basis.
  • Header Video Options – allows per page specification of header video content, visibility, aspect ratio, and rendering. This capability is a first for any theme in the WordPress repository.
  • Per Page HTML Injection Area Code – replace the code in an HTML Injection area on a per page basis.


Per Post Options

  • Per Post Style – Add Custom CSS that will apply only to this post.
  • Per Post Class – Add class to this post.
  • Per Post BG Color
  • Per Post Extend BG Color
  • Per Post Text Color
  • Left and Right Padding for post
  • Top and Bottom Padding for post
  • Margins for post
  • Background Image for Post
  • Per Post Parallax Image – options to make a post into a Parallax based post. You can then use multiple posts on a regular page for creative Parallax designs.
  • Header Image Replacement HTML – replace header image with HTML on Single Page view.



  • Weaver X-Plus Flex Columns Widget – This is a revolutionary widget not currently available from any other source. Displays multiple text areas arranged in customizable columns using CSS flex layout. Use arbitrary text, HTML, or shortcodes in each text area. This widget is so powerful that it can serve as a simple replacement for page designers.
  • X-Plus Link Buttons – define link buttons to include in your content with a shortcode
  • X-Plus Menus – add an additional menu anywhere you can add a widget – styled using one of the Weaver menu style options.
  • X-Plus Social Buttons – add social buttons to your content



  • [ extra_menu] – add an extra menu anywhere with a shortcode, using Weaver Xtreme menu styles.
  • [ buttons] – add link buttons via a shortcode.
  • [ social] – add social links via a shortcode.
  • [ widget_area] – display a widget area in your content.
  • [ shortcoder] – define your own shortcodes with parameters.
  • [ search] – add a search form to your content.
  • [ feed] – display a feed in your content.
  • [ showhide] – hide and show spoilers or other content.
  • [ popup_link] – popup a window via a link displayed by shortcode.


Other Features

  • Comment Disclaimer  – Allows you to display a disclaimer, other comment policy, or any thing else (including shortcodes) right under the Post Comment button. This is not a shortcode, but a content setting.
  • Automatic Updates – When activated, your version of Weaver Xtreme Plus will be automatically updated.
  • Save / Restore Options – Offers seven new save/restore options to save regular Weaver Xtreme options, including Xtreme Plus options, as well as other specialized settings.