Add Over 100 New Features to Weaver Xtreme!

Weaver Xtreme Plus is our premium plugin that adds over a hundred new options and features to the free version of Weaver Xtreme. Scroll down  to view all the features provided by Weaver Xtreme Plus.

Click to Buy Weaver Xtreme Plus

Click to Buy Weaver Xtreme Plus

Single Site License – $39.95
Five Site License – $59.95
Twelve Site License – $99.95
Unlimited Site License – 149.95

All licenses active for 18 Months – Discounted Renewal

You’ve seen all those (WX+) and greyed-out options in the Customizer or Legacy settings options in the free version of Weaver Xtreme? Xtreme Plus activates all those options in the Weaver Xtreme Customize and settings pages. This gives you over a hundred new options to customize your site design.

parallax-imageEasily Add Parallax Effects to any page on your site!


New Google fonts you add are integrated to the Font-Family selectionUnsurpassed support for adding all the new fonts you might want. Provides integrated support for the entire set of free Google Fonts, as well as Font Squirrel, or almost any other font source you use, including premium fonts. Font family selection fully integrated, including theme font options, and the Page/Post editor toolbar. Font Demo

Control Widget Area Layout, including multiple columns.Complete layout control over all Widget Area Layouts: custom multi-column widget widths, equal height widget rows, and color fill. see-demo-page

More Options for the Menu Bars: Left and Right HTML insertion, dividers, full-width BG. see-demo-page

Theme’s custom CSS saves to a file instead of inserted in-line.

New Xtrem Plus Admin MenuSeparate Admin panel for even more Weaver Xtreme Plus options.

  • New Save/Restore Options – Save ALL Settings, Save Shortcode Settings, Save HTML/Text options, Save Added Fonts, Save Colors, Save Site Specific Options, and more.
  • Options for advanced shortcodes: Social Buttons, Link Buttons, and more.


Plugin Licensing enables Automatic Updates – As long as your Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin remains activated, the standard WordPress plugin update process will detect when new updates are available, and Weaver Xtreme Plus will be updated just like your other plugins.

Details of Options Activated by Xtreme Plus

  • Full Width Options for Header, Content, and Footer areas – control widths and background colors for full creative control of site width. This page is a great example of what the new full width options can create.
  • Add custom class names to areas for refined styling.
  • Additional width and alignment for Header Image.
  • Control where Header Widget Area is displayed within the Header area.
  • Additional control of Sidebar Layout for Attachment, Archive, and Search Result pages.
  • More options for Previous/Next Post Navigation.
  • Define completely custom Post Meta Info Lines – posted on, by, date, etc.
  • More options for displaying Comments.
  • Full control of Featured Image display size.
  • Additional options for automatic margins, borders, and shadows.
  • Additional typography options: line height, base font size for different devices, custom font sizes.


Advanced HTML Area Insertion

  • Twelve new HTML insertion areas such as Content Top, Pre-Footer, Fixed Browser Top and Bottom, and more! see-demo-page
  • For experts, the ability to add PHP code to define your own WordPress actions and filters – eliminating the need for a child theme in many cases.


New Shortcodes optimized to work with Weaver Xtreme see-demo-page

  • Extra Menus – display a standard, accordion, vertical, or horizontal menu anywhere. The standard and accordion menus are fully responsive, and will switch to the mobile menu when appropriate. Our demo site shows this in action. see-demo-page
  • Link Buttons – add graphical link buttons anywhere.
  • Social Buttons – add graphical links to your favorite social site
  • Widget Areas – add a new widget area almost anywhere. see-demo-page
  • Shortcoder – easily define your own shortcodes for your most common needs
  • Search Form – show a search form anywhere
  • Show Feed – show a simple RSS Feed that will match the theme’s settings
  • Show/Hide Text – expand or collapse text to conserve space
  • Popup Link – open a new window in a pop up
  • PHP – add arbitrary PHP code where needed
  • Comment Policy – adds your site’s comment policy to the comment section


New Widgets

  • X-Plus Menus – add a standard, accordion, vertical, or horizontal menu to a widget area.
  • X-Plus Social Buttons – display social button links in a widget area.
  • X-Plus Link Buttons – display link buttons in a widget area.


Buy Now to Add Over 100 New Features to Weaver Xtreme!

Click to Buy Weaver Xtreme Plus

Click to Buy Weaver Xtreme Plus

Single Site License – $39.95
Five Site License – $59.95
Twelve Site License – $99.95

All licenses active for 18 Months – Discounted Renewal